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Naomi C. Gallay (1993) is a Swiss artist and designer. As a family member of five generations in the graphic arts, she received her BA from the graphic design department
at ECAL (University of Art and Design of Lausanne) in 2016.


In the year she worked as a designer in Southern California, she deepened her knowledge in design while developing her artistic approach. Back in Europe, she was awarded the Jean K. Prize, as a young artist under 30 years old, get invited to an art residency in Geneva and opened her own studio. In the following years, her art has been exhibited in several places between Switzerland and the US and received a particular attention from fashion industry, including Louis Vuitton and Alexander Wang. Since 2022, she opened a design and art direction studio with her husband between Lausanne and Biarritz, Clay studio.


Her artistic practice ranges from painting, oil pastels to digital tools. Streetwear and design are as much sources of inspiration as they are of collaboration which express the contemporaneity, despite the timelessness of his filmic universe. Color, which she considers to be her main source of inspiration, has an essential role in the creative process. Each color is created from the previous color in order to bring depth to the mixtures and unity between specific hues, which seem opposed at first. She expresses these colorimetric assemblies especially with portraits transcending the boundaries of classical portraiture and gestural abstraction. They lead our reading through a more collective and inclusive representation, in a language that is as much emotional as instinctive.


Prizes & Publications


Large Kiosk, Genève (CH), 2022

Surfin Estate, Hossegor (F), 2022

SD Voyager, San Diego (USA), 2021

The Vanderlove Letter, Genève (CH), 2020

Epic Magazine, Genève (CH), 2019

Hotdogger, Biarritz (F), 2019

SD Voyager, San Diego (USA), 2019

Étapes, Paris (F), 2017

Le Temps, Genève (CH), 2017

Swissquote, Genève (CH), 2017

24 Heures, Genève (CH), 2017

Femina, Genève (CH), 2017

Étapes, Paris (F), 2016



Jean Knechtli Prize, 2015
Award annually granted to a talent under 30 years old in Fine Arts 

Member of DAP (Development of Fine Arts Association), since 2017 

Artist member of Eyes on Talent, Paris (F), since 2016

Co-founder of Serge&maurice, since 2010 



French (native)  English  Italian

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