Naomi C. Gallay (1993) is a Swiss designer and artist born into a family of five

generations in the graphic arts. She received her BAfrom the graphic design

department at ECAL/University of Art and Design of Lausanne in 2016.

During her 9-month stint in California, working as a designer, she developed a strong interest in the visual culture of branding and an artistic and critical eye on her art.


In 2015 she was awarded the Jean Knechtli Scholarship, which honors

an artist under 30 years old, and obtained articles in the renowned Etapes magazine,

the Parisian review of graphic design and visual culture. 


In the 3 years since graduating, she has already exhibited her work in Switzerland

and United States, California. She art directed several new brands, creative projects

and collaborations while developing her practice through painting.


Her artworks already got several companies’ attention including Louis Vuitton
and Balenciaga.


Prizes & Publications


The Vanderlove Letter, Suisse, 2020

Epic Magazine, Suisse, 2019

Hotdogger, Biarritz (FR), 2019

SD Voyager, San Diego (USA), 2019

Étapes, Paris (FR), 2017

Le Temps, Suisse, 2017

Swissquote,Suisse, 2017

24 Heures, Suisse, 2017

Femina, Suisse, 2017

Étapes, Paris (FR), 2016


Eyes on Talent, Paris (FR), since 2016


Jean Knechtli Prize, 2015
Award annually granted to a talent under 30 years old in Fine Arts 

Career path


The opening of my studio, 2020



Foound, 2019

Artist residency



Louis Vuitton, 2019

Invited to meet up following a call of applications for the assistant Print Designer position and the Graphic assistant designer position in the Fashion Accessory department


Lcgr, 2017-19

Art direction and graphic design for Algorigin and Voisins


Marks, 2018
Graphic design in freelance


We are wild, 2017

Art direction and designer



L’Atelier Poisson, 2016-17

Graphic design internship



Wedge & Lever, 2014-15

Graphic design internship

Encinitas (CA, USA)


Space Agency, 2014

Graphic design internship

Encinitas (CA, USA)


L’Admp, since 2013

Graphic design and illustration in freelance



Visual Asylum, 2012

Graphic design internship

San Diego (CA, USA)




Amen Factory, print design, 2019 

Dstrict, print design, 2019

Agathe Naito, design, 2019

Her Waves (USA), print design, 2019

North, design, 2017



Art shows and personal projects


La Journée des Arts, 2019

Solo art show at Objectif 31, Nyon


Golden Hours, 2019

solo art show at Fooound, Geneva


Tideline, 2018

collective art show at Bing, Encinitas (CA, USA)


Surf n Turf, 2017

art show in collaboration with les Ateliers Baume at Chic Cham, Lausanne


Member of DAP (Development of Fine Arts Association), since 2017 

Artist member of Eyes on Talent, Paris (FR), since 2016

Co-founder of Serge&maurice, since 2010 



French (native)  English  Italian